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Garage Floor Coating

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Garage Floor Coating

Garage Flooring in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Your garage is a major aspect of your home – one of the first things people notice! Occupying a prominent space at the front of the house, it might even see more use than any other entrance. Why not invest in a garage door that not only appeals to your aesthetic preferences but also operates reliably every time. At Milestone, we take pride in providing garage door installation services in DFW. Allow us the enhance the visual appeal of your home and contribute to its safety. 

Why Epoxy?

Opting for a garage floor coating presents a cost-effective solution to enhance the overall appearance of your garage floor. The epoxy-base polyspartic coating is effortlessly easy to clean. Even in the face of challenging spills, the flooring will resist staining, allowing you to quickly wipe away the mess within minutes. Beyond its functional benefits, a garage floor coating also adds an aesthetic appeal. With a variety of colors and flake options, you have the flexibility to create a customized space that aligns with your preferences.

Flooring Installation Process

Concrete Preparation: Our skilled garage floor installers employ top-notch equipment to meticulously prepare the garage floor surface. This process includes addressing imperfections like cracks in the concrete. 

Base Coating: A foundational epoxy flooring base cost is expertly applied to the prepared concrete, setting the stage for the other layers. 

Flake Application: While the epoxy base cost is still in its wet state, our certified installers skillfully disperse the selected blend of decorative flakes onto the surface. 

Top Coating: To ensure the floor’s durability, a protective top coat is applied, sealing both the epoxy base and the decorative flake layer. Additionally, we incorporate a non-slip additive for enhanced safety.

Why is DIY Not a Good Idea?

While numerous online sources guide DIY garage flooring epoxy, the kits available for at-home use often result in floors peeling within a year or two. Achieving proper epoxy curing on concrete requires a specialized shot blast or diamond grinding process to ensure the concrete’s pores are in optimal condition. Simple sandpapering is less effective and significantly time-consuming. 

At-home kits tend to have high water content in their solutions compared to professional-grade epoxy. Professionals can assess the moisture levels in your space and flooring to determine the ideal concentration. Thicker epoxy, exclusive to licensed professionals, can only be mixed using power tools designed for this purpose, making it challenging for homeowners to access these tools. 

If you’re considering an epoxy-based polyaspartic garage flooring installation, reach out to us by giving us a call or scheduling a service only.