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Garage Door Maintenance

Slow garage operation?

Garage too loud?

Garage opener not working?

Regular garage maintenance keeps your garage working reliably. 


Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

You might think everything is going smoothly with your garage door. But sometimes, garage door problems are hiding out of sight. Garage door maintenance can help catch issues before they cause additional more costly problems. Milestone Garage will perform a thorough inspection, and let you know of any maintenance that needs to be done.

At Milestone Garage, our comprehensive maintenance service includes:

  • Visual Inspection: Thorough examination for wear, tear, dents, rust, or misalignment.
  • Hardware Check: Inspection of hinges, rollers, springs, and cables for damage or wear.
  •  Lubrication: Application of recommended lubricants to moving parts to reduce friction.
  •  Balance Testing: Ensuring smooth manual operation and correct balance.
  • Safety Sensor Test: Verifying immediate reversal upon detecting obstacles.
  • Weatherstripping Inspection: Examination and replacement of damaged weatherstripping.
  •  Tracks Maintenance: Cleaning debris and ensuring proper alignment.
  • Spring Tension Check: Professional assessment and adjustment of torsion springs.
  •  Opener Inspection: Testing for smooth and quiet functioning.
  • Remote Control Test: Verification of remote and keypad functionality.
  • Battery Replacement: Ensuring uninterrupted operation by replacing batteries.
  • Track Cleaning: Removal of dirt and debris to optimize door movement.

Trust Milestone Garage for a hassle-free and safe garage door maintenance experience.